What is Google's core update?

A core update is a major change to Google's ranking algorithm that affects a large number of indexed web pages. They happen every two or three months on average.

The next core update

The question these days is not when the next core update will be released, but who will be affected by it. It makes no difference whether the update is a core update, a product review update, a spam update, or any other update that Google can release; what matters is the outcome that comes after it. 

Google Ranking

Google's ranking changes dramatically with each update. Either the website's ranking drops significantly or rises dramatically. and it appears that Google does not have a plan for these updates; they are simply released, either at the same time or within a short time frame, which can only mean that the data gathered is not consistent, and these updates are considered bug fixes that have ruined people's lives.

No more traffic

Depending on organic traffic is no longer an option; the only option is to promote your business, and if you are a small business like mine that relies on people visiting your website, viewing your ads, and clicking on them, I wish you all the best. 

Google does not consider you a good source of income, so you are left with ambiguity, frustration, and a depressed mood. However, this does not mean that you should give up; it simply means that what you are doing requires dedication, discipline, and patience.