How to Use Google Suggestion Tool for Effective Keyword Research

Google Suggestions is Google Keyword Suggestion Tool and its a handy tool for keyword research. It generates suggested searches based on what you type in the search bar.

In order to find out which keywords are most relevant to your business, you’ll want to explore the different categories of suggestions that Google throws at you. There are 5 main types of Google Suggestions: related searches, spelling corrections, synonyms and related words, example phrases including “how to” and question-related phrases such as “why is” or “what is.”

We recommend including all these suggestions in your list of potential keywords so that you can see which ones are getting the most traffic. This will help identify an audience for your marketing campaign.

What is Google Suggestions?

Google Suggestions is a way for Google to provide you with search suggestions based on the keywords you type into the search bar. Suggestions are generated automatically and update continuously, so you’ll want to explore all of the categories.

The 5 types of Google Suggestions

There are five main types of suggestions available on Google Suggestions, and it’s important to make sure you include all of them in your list of potential keywords.

1. Related searches

2. Spelling corrections

3. Synonyms and related words

4. Example phrases including “how to” or “what is”

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5. Question-related phrases such as “why is” or “what is”


How to include all the suggestions in your list of potential keywords

Include all the suggestions in your list of potential keywords as you want to see which ones are getting the most traffic. This will help identify an audience for your marketing campaign.

Each one of these suggestions is worth exploring and adding to your list. However, we recommend that you focus on only a few at a time and explore those. Once you’ve found the keywords that seem to resonate with your target audience, add them to your keyword list and track their traffic over time.

Another way to effectively use Google Suggestions is by including questions related to your industry in the search bar. For example, if you were looking for SEO companies in Toronto, type “Toronto SEO companies” in the search bar and then click on “I’m feeling lucky” because it will take you straight to a page of search results for SEO companies in Toronto without having to go through any other steps.


Searching for the right keywords is an important part of your SEO strategy. We’ve all been there—trying to find just the right keyword for your next blog post, but finding it is not always easy.

So what are you supposed to do?

The Google Suggestions tool is a great way to find the right keywords that your audience is searching for. Just type in your search phrase and the tool will automatically display a list of keyword phrases that are relevant to your search.

You can then select and add these phrases to your list.

Google Suggestions will help you find the perfect keywords for your content and keep your SEO strategy on track.