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What is a keyword ranking

Keyword rankings are your site's specific spot on the search engine results pages (SERPS) for a given search query or phrase and can affect your website traffic. Your keyword ranking is the position your URL occupies in response to a specific search term. 


How to Check Keyword Ranking In Google

Google search console is a great way to see where your keywords rank. To start checking keyword position, go to the Performance report tab. It is located on the left side of your screen. 


When you’re viewing the Performance report, you will see a dashboard with four boxes at the top and a graph below them.


Why is keyword ranking important

Keyword ranking is a process that helps Google easily understand the topic of your content. This is why keyword ranking is so important. If you rank well for the right keywords, people who are looking for information related to your topic will be able to find your content much more quickly.

This can result in a lot more traffic and happier customers.
It’s also important to rank highly for important keywords because if you rank well for those terms, it’s likely to increase your website’s ranking for other, less important keywords as well.


How to boost keyword ranking

There are many ways to boost your keyword ranking in SEO, but one of the best is through keyword research and the strategic use of anchor text. Keyword research is crucial for keyword rank improvement. By finding the right keywords for your content, you can optimize your page for a much broader range of search terms. A badly optimized article won’t do you any favors. Not only will it not rank well for keywords, but it will also decrease the value of other pages that rank higher than yours. 


Keyword inclusion

Keyword inclusion isn’t just for Google anymore. Microsoft’s Wordfence and Bing both have algorithms that now take this into account. Keyword inclusion is when your keywords show up in the title, header tags, URL, body copy, and image alt text.


Create unique and fresh content

The content you publish on your website is one of the most important things you can do for your SEO. If you want to rank for certain keywords, you’ll need to write content that is relevant to the topic of your website and is interesting enough to keep readers interested. The more people who click a link and read your content, the better chance you have of getting some of those keywords in their content.

Give your content a catchy title

Many factors play into how well your content ranks on Google. One of the most important factors is the title you give your content. If people click on your title and read the content, they will see your keywords in the title and will be more likely to click on it.

Link to your content

If you want people to read your content, you need to make it easy for them to do so. That means including a link to your content in their tweets and Facebook posts, as well as in comments on your blog.

Add social proof to your content

One of the most important things you can do to rank better for keywords in SEO is to add social proof to your content. Include a ton of screenshots and links to websites that help support your points.